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Vendor ID (hex): 0c27, 0c27, 413c. Product ID (hex): 3bfa, ccda, 2113. Engineering Notes: RDR-80586AKU ccid reader can be redirected, using Generic USB Redirection module(VID: 0c27, PID: ccda) and FreeRDP setup. Running in the RDP session, the Windows application that I tried is rfIDEAS Configuration Utility v6.0.5. The application can detect the reader, connect to the reader, and the IDs of the smartcard scanned can be read by the app. The firmware builds that I have tested include the following recent TM13.0 builds: FW13.0.0-9.0_1705; FW13.0.0-9.1_979; FW13.0.0-9.2_670 RDR-80586AKU is actually a ccid smartcard reader, but it is not currently supported by the available ccid libraries for Linux platform. So, the smartcard module in ThinManager terminal firmware doesn’t recognize this device (0x0c27:0xccda).

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